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2016 Ford Mustang Fastback 2.3 GTDI Review

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Very happy with this car from day one. Handling, power, braking all first class.

Love the auto that always has me in the right gear and the ability to override partially and fully at will.
The drive modes change the character of the car in a very clever way. You CAN take passengers in the rear but they need to be under 5'6".

6000K's now and not a hint of any trouble - the engine is wearing in nicely as the power gets smoother. Unless you are old school and need the V8 sound, you don't need the V8. The amount of interest this car creates on the road is beyond belief, if you want to be anonymous this is not the car for you!

People complain about the cheap plastics inside and the (sometimes) poor panel fit, I find the interior a very pleasant place to be, sure it's flashy but it's a mustang not an audi! Check the excellent photos in the car advice review and you'll see it's really not bad.

Sound system, GPS and phone comms ( the Sync 2 system) are excellent but the screen colours are a bit dated- Sync 3 fixes this.
If you're a fiddler then tuning and bolt ons easily add big power gains but I feel fine with it as is. I wish I had a 10yo one to mod and take to the track.

Seats very comfortable and supportive, visibility is first class. The car feels sporty and nimble - I haven't driven the V8 but I'm told the extra weight up front has a negative effect on its nimbleness.

Get your order in - you won't be disappointed.