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2016 Ford Mustang 2.3 GTDI Review
  • stunning unbelievable looks, reliable to 6500kms, great to tour in
  • back seats not flexible/removeable, stopping to put up roof, wide opening doors hit on a point of the door and need protection, turning circle similar to the Queen Mary

by John

6,500kms in a convertible turbo-four, mostly traveling on interstate highways has me looking for more opportunities to travel. This is a sensational touring vehicle and has enough room for weeks away for two.

I have not found a rattle/shake or shudder or build defect to date. The 3,000 kilometre free check demonstrated the loan car offer but you have to book it. I run it on high octane and am not getting under 10km/l yet but I am travelling at 110km mostly. It seems more frugal on city runs but this seems odd and is not confirmed.

A sudden outback storm caught me looking for a place to put up the roof and that was annoying. The single central manual roof lock does not worry me as other older convertibles I have run had locks on both sides. The much aligned coffee holders do not worry me at all and I have coffee aboard regularly.

If you want a fantastic fun tourer for one or two then check it out.

Reviewers cane it for its internal trim but I figure they are comparing it to more expensive cars where you are paying for the luxury features. The options available are/was lacking when I ordered it three years ago such as upgrade/colour of trim/roof colours.

I believe this is surely the best value for money car in Australia.

I have averaged 10.5L/100km over the 6,500km travelled. Checking out your site, I struggle to find the 17 flaws you mention – I suspect (and hope) I have a Plum not a Lemon!

I have no problems with my Mustang but do have a slight personal bias for this great vehicle.

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2016 Ford Mustang 2.3 GTDI Review Review
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