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2016 Ford Focus RS review

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What I hate

The Sync2 infotainment unit is a joke. Slow, laggy and not really a touch screen, it feels like Ford ripped it out of the first generation touch phones that you really need to apply quite a bit of pressure for it to actually do anything.

The clutch! I gotta be honest here, I've never stalled a car as many times as I've stalled the RS in the first week as a daily. Could be a user issue here but it has even stalled on me when the car already started rolling.

The stiff suspension, although I wouldn't call this one hate (maybe dislike). It is a double-edged sword. I fond it very comfortable for me as a daily and I suffer from a real back issue, but it does tend to bounce the car like a rollercoaster going up to the drop, albeit only at certain speeds.

What I love
As opposed to the many reviews that complain about the ride quality, it simply isn't true for me, as mention just above. Even longer drives haven't caused my back any grief. I'd even go so far to call the bucket seats very soft and comfortable.

With a back injury as the result of being hit by a B Double, the RS suspension has been a lot more comfortable for me than any of the driving modes in the BMW M4 and even better, in my opinion, than my previous daily, the 'you'll-see-one-at-least-every-50-metres' Audi S3.

The engine and exhaust note and the driving experience is every bit as phenomenal as all the reviews are claiming. Once you pass the 3000rpm mark on your tachometer in Sports mode, there is a very distinct change in the engine note. A deep, uneven and angry rumble emanates from the belly of the beast. Although, upon further inspection, it does sound slightly fake, but that deep pitched rumble is so omnipresent it really doesn't matter if it's all real.

And the price! This is a budget-priced hyper hatch that is still rare and hard to catch.