Ford Falcon 2016 xr8 sprint
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2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint review

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I bought this car as I was in a position to get one. Being the last ever Falcon and the fact I've always bought Falcons, I just wanted one. And the R&D put into the Sprint made it worthwhile.

To be honest, it's not a daily drive, rather my weekender. The space inside is typical Falcon – big and plenty of legroom.

It is a stylish looking car and there is not a lot about it I don't like. If anything, it is fuel economy but that is to be expected with a supercharged 5.0-litre V8.

The car drives like a dream with awesome power on tap. It is one of the most seriously fast cars I have owned. The auto, which I have, is effective and puts the power down and combined with the supercharger, makes it a serious bit of work.

The Sync 2 media system is great and easy to operate. The seats are really comfortable and the cabin layout is good. It could have done with push-button start, but in general the cabin is quite well laid out.

The brakes are one of the best packages I have had on a Falcon; big Brembos all-round that provide great stopping power when you need it.

The note from the exhaust is a real head-turner and when the accelerator is pressed and the supercharger kicks, in the note is just awesome.

The handling and ride is also first class. Around corners, it does not have the body roll that other Falcons I have owned have had. The Pirellis fitted are well matched with the geometry of the car and it is hard to beat.

Seating height is typical of Falcons, a tad too high, but I have got used to them. The leather is nicely finished with Sprint emblems on the two front seats. The steering wheel controls are easy to use as are most of the controls which makes driving a pleasure.

A full-size spare comes with the car which is reassuring as is the service frequency offered by Ford. To date, the car has been reliable and in a lot of ways, practical.

It's a shame they won't be making these cars in Australia anymore.