Ford Falcon 2016 xr8 sprint
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2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint review

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So, to start with, I purchased this car without the wife knowing, and yes, I knew I was going to get in the shit for it. But I just wanted one so bad that it was worth being in the doghouse for who knows how long.

It's the best car I have ever owned. Steers like it’s on rails and goes like the clappers. Knowing this will only increase in value, I couldn’t be happier with the Sprint.

I love the manual gearbox, which really gives it race car performance. The paint finish is beautiful, and what a way to send off the last Falcon ever built. Well done Ford Australia – I’m stoked with this car. It doesn't have all the tech stuff the Commodore has, but to be honest, I wouldn’t use it. I drive this car for pleasure and fun to enjoy the performance of the Sprint.

The only negative would be the tyres. They wear really quickly and offer minimal grip, but a new set of tyres will fix this issue. The interior is said to be old, but I love the black look. The seats are supportive, and the steering wheel feels sporty. All the controls are simple and easy to use. Plenty of room in the back for the parents to sit, and scare the bejesus out of them.

The overall look of the outside is just perfect. The black small lid spoiler sits perfect. The black roof with all the black highlights really defines that it’s a Sprint. The black wheels are a bit hard to clean, but are worth the time and effort on this car.

Now, let’s get to the performance. Wow, the 5.0-litre supercharged motor is off-tap. The sound of the supercharger is crazy and you know straightaway there are serious horses under the bonnet. The hump in the bonnet is also just enough for that muscle car look, and for people to know there’s a serous fink hiding under the bonnet.

But the acceleration and sheer power are delivered beautifully. With the stock exhaust it sounds bloody great, and gearing down you get those crackles that never get old. As you take off, even with traction control on, she wants to break loose and puts a smile on your dial every time. You never get bored of driving this type of car. It’s so much fun.

The manual gearbox and clutch take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it really is effortless and makes you never regret going for the manual over the auto.

The other great thing about the Sprint is you can drive it calmly, and it can be quite the shopping trolley if you really want it to be. But it’s hard not to plant that right foot all the time, yet we do need to keep our licences I guess.

Overall, the last Falcon delivers everything you would expect from a high-performance car, and best of all for me, it’s Australian made with a crazy amount of power. I’m still in the doghouse. Well, are we really ever not?

I love my Sprint.

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