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2016 Ford Everest Trend Review

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At 6'5" selecting a car is not about what you want, but what you can fit your legs into. After trying 11 SUV there was only a handful that had any level of comfort. Certainly not the Mazda CX-9 with its ridiculously sized central dash column (undriveable) and the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with no driver legroom (undriveable).

With a choice in the end between the Toyota Kluger and the Ford Everest, it was a close race, but the Ford Everest won out. The higher drive position, additional safety features and technology combined with the leg room, makes for a very comfortable vehicle, even when used predominantly around the city.

My only complaint is the positioning of the air-conditioning vents for the driver, as they point straight at the steering-wheel so you get very cold hands, and need to lean to either side to get some air directly on your face when it is warm. Something definitely for Ford to look at for a future model, although you can see it is to fit in the 8" touch screen.

One other observation after a 3,000km road trip, was that if you want to run it through the carwash to get the bugs off, even at 6'5" it was a mission to unscrew the aerial even at full stretch. Anyone shorter would have needed a ladder. Ford should move to a fixed aerial on future models.

I would highly recommend this vehicle, particularly if you are taller. Absolutely love it an have no regrets over the choice. I do laugh at the cars winning awards that are undriveable if you are taller.