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2016 Ford Everest Trend Review

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I found this website really useful in choosing my new Everest Trend so I thought I should contribute with a review but with only 1000 km & one month's driving, it is more about why I bought it and how it is going rather than a full review.

For me it was an agonising choice between the Everest Trend and the Fortuner Crusade (we didn't particularly like the Prado, it's a heavy drive and its boot can't open in our carport). I am a big fan of Toyotas having owned 3 in the last 20 years. Amongst other things the Everest won on price ($60k with satnav & towbar driveaway vs $70k for the Crusade)

What also sold me is what I'm loving about it - the in-car tech is great - the lane keeping, adaptive cruise control & collision warning work really well and I like the Synch 2 system - though I'm still coming to terms with the voice activation. Front & rear parking sensors get used a lot. There so much tech in it we spent quite a few hours reading the manual - but I love that stuff.

While it's definitely a diesel, it seems a little more refined and quieter than the Toyota and we liked the interior and exterior design. Surprisingly we use the powered tailgate a lot which we thought we'd find annoying. The sound system (inc DAB!) is great though setting up the presets took some effort. Nav works well enough and the in car phone integration is good as is the number of usb/power options.

We needed the 7 seats for the occasional extra kid but did not like the spare seats hanging from the side limiting bootspace and visibility in the Fortuner - another major flaw for us.

So how's it going - well,I'm still running it in, fuel use is 10,6 l/100km so far including some serious offroading in the first week which went very well despite covering my lovely new car with dust! I'm still working out what suits me in the terrain management selection but it certainly is capable and comfortable in rough conditions.

I've enjoyed the freeway driving - smooth, quiet. It's fine around town and in heavy traffic. I love the auto high beam option too - saves arguments with my wife who is an aggressive user of high beam :) Haven't had to use the spare seats yet.

I love that this car was designed in Melbourne and so it has a least a little local content- so if you are reading this guys - great effort. I never thought I'd buy a car that wasn't a white Toyota and so far I'm very pleased with it.