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2016 Citroen C4 Cactus Exclusive 1.2i Puretech Review

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I first came across the Citroen C4 Cactus in 2013 online and about the possibly of the car going into production. Being a Citroen fan for many years I knew I wanted it from the get go. I managed to get a first glimpse at it at the 2014 Geneva motor show and again at the 2015 Paris motor show, I knew I wanted it but the question was when.

I finally ordered one at the Sept 15 launch and had it by March 2016. I loved it as soon as I got into it, I opted for the Habana cloth interior that feels like a 70s sofa, with the glass roof which I thought might be an issue not having a cover but on a 40 degrees day it definitely proved otherwise, it really does block out the heat. I got the black alloys, the car looked a million bucks, every time I drove it people got curious, my friends warmed up to it and couldn't believe the features it had.

I love the cabin space and room due to having the airbag in the roof it makes the dash not as bulky and reminds you of a car from the 70s, the glove box is a great size and very conventional, the leather strap door handles look great, the technology is really good, great reversing camera, and the DAB is a blessing.

The ride is smooth and the manual gearbox is punchy and the engine has a nice growl about it and surprisingly really good on fuel, averaging about 5.2, head room is fantastic and all round vision is excellent, the seats are very comfortable and I can assure you no back pain on long drives. Rear passengers can also sit comfortably but if you are over 6ft you may want to stay in the front seat.

The details inside and out serve a purpose, the Airbump technology for car parks or trolley dents or even if you bumped the rear as I did into my sisters car, there was no damage at all. The little rubber dots on top of the glovebox grip iPads or a laptop!

The back windows pop out and look really cool and it does not bother me that they don't wind down, the good thing I have noticed is that if you have them open you don't get a shudder noise as you normally would with a conventional back window and airflow is just as good.

Things I wish the car had...

Auto power windows, not a deal breaker but it is somewhat annoying after having other Citroen's. Folding power mirrors would of been a added greatness. A mirror for the passenger would of been a treat for my female companions.

Maybe a better HiFi system, it seems Citroen never get this right especially if you like your tunes, the tablet that controls everything is a little clunky, at times it boots up immediately other times it may take up to 20secs and I don't think it has anything to do with how long the car has not been started either.

The cup holder is annoying, no idea why there is only one and then a square shaped one next to it that is pointless.

Overall the pros definitely outway the cons. If you really want something different that is spacious, fun to drive and pleasant to sit in and take in the atmosphere you should look at this car, 6 years unlimited km warranty and roadside assist along with capped price servicing is a big win.