BMW M4 2016 competition
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2016 BMW M4 Competition review

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For most of my adult life, I have wanted a BMW M3 (back then it only came in coupe form). Since the M4 convertible came out, it has been on the top of my bucket list.

With an all-consuming compulsion induced by an early onset of midlife crisis (and an augmenting mortgage), I ordered an ice white M4 Competition convertible with lava red leather (aka Sakhir Orange) in June 2016. After enduring months of lovesick longing and agonising wait, my dream car finally arrived in November 2016.

I vaguely remember signing a mountain of paperwork on the day between eager glances at my new car draped teasingly in white with my name printed on a stand in the showroom. I remember watching the salesman undress my sexy new car by removing the velvety red bow and lifting the creamy white veil from its bulging bonnet. I smiled so much I was drooling and my cheeks hurt for hours afterward.

The interior of the car is classically BMW with carbon fibre everywhere like it’s going out of fashion. The red leather works brilliantly with the carbon fibre. I doubt the car’s interior would look anywhere near as good with beige, grey or black.

The car sounds great, albeit a tad artificial, more inside than out. It’s hard to beat the fearsome growl of the engine when you press the start button.

I love subjecting other road users to my music preference, so I have made good use of the Harman Kardon speakers. One thing I am going to add to the car is Apply CarPlay ($400 option, which is a lot cheaper than what Ferrari charges for the same thing), and soon.

One thing I hate about the car is the reverse camera, which is absolutely useless in the dark (this is a complete contrast to the X5)! The bird's-eye view (aka 360 surround view) on the M4 also doesn’t work as well as the X5.

I have also tested the concierge service when I was running out of fuel on the highway, and was promptly given correct guidance to the nearest Shell V Power outlet.

The car has since given me and my husband countless hours of pure driving pleasure. It has a big heart and it just keeps on giving.

I may not be a purist, but to me the convertible drives just like the coupe, only I feel more alive driving it! Especially when it's cold – I love cruising with the warm air blowing on my neck and shoulders from the air-collar and M1 (sports exhaust with comfort suspension setting) selected.

All is well in my world, except for when it rains suddenly (20 seconds is a long time to jam your finger on a button while pretending you’re not getting saturated). The car is allergic to wet roads.

Every sense feels keener when the roof is down. The purpose of this car is to please you, and in its unique, demanding and focused way, it fulfills its purpose and some.

As my daughter would say, I love it to the moon and back!