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2016 BMW 3 40i M-sport Review

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Beautifully built. Comfortable and quiet with the engine purring if you want or snarling if that is your thing.

M sport brakes are a good option and better to have than variable steering. I do not understand the comments about the standard steering, which makes for a sharp ride on straights or in corners. Acceleration and performance are all that one can wish for with E36 M3 performance levels. Fuel consumption can be good if you do not have a heavy foot.

The i-drive is excellent with superb graphics and easy to use once you spend a little time on the menu. The sat nav is one of the best in any car. The seats are very comfortable unless one is a bit on the chubby side. The cabin is quiet and tastefully styled and equipped. The boot/trunk is a great size for this class of car.

The individual colour - e.g. tanzanite blue is an option worth paying for as it makes the car look very classy. This version has ordinary non-run flat tyres, which improve the comfort of the ride. The manual as a no cost option is excellent with a great set of gear ratios - third gear is especially useful for the 30-70+ range. LED lights are a good option to invest, providing superb night vision.

I like the evolutionary approach to styling. It looks different enough and classy compared with the 2012 model. From the rear is looks squarer and very attractive because of the bumper redesign and the new lights. For a combination of practicality, performance, comfort and driving pleasure it is a convincing package.