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2016 BMW 2 28i M-sport Review

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I recently bought myself a 330i and had the pleasure of taking home (overnight) a 220i for my wife a few months later - that's where the romance began, my wife fell in love with it so another few months later I decided to update her car and decided to splurge out on the 228i, WOW, what an amazing coupe.

Compare to my impressive 330i this new coupe will give it a run for its money, my wife absolutely loves it and when she (rarely) hands over the keys I love driving it too. I bought her the 228i for the performance and re sale value as this coupe will be hot property for years to come, the Twin powered Turbo also lets a nice Roar out when you apply the pedal. Great work BMW.

It sits very nice on the road and as always with BMW you find all the controls at a ergonomic position, smooth gear changes all the way to the 8th gear and back down again - I tend to always want to use the paddles in sports mode.

I now have a perfect his and her's garage. Possibly on the next upgrade I will dig a little deeper in my back pocket and look at the 240i (coming) and the 340i (out now) Another great option would be the X4 35I and a 440i or go all the way to M3/M4 and then the X4M. Have to wait and see in the meantime. I really enjoy my two toys, a car for every occasion.

Do yourself a favour and go and test drive one or both.