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2016 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Quattro S-line Review

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It's a two seater thrill machine! This is a car built for driving and not much else. With only two seats, the Roadster is for those looking for a fun ride from an extremely well built vehicle. If you like taking control and having a real drive, this is for you.

We got the rear camera so sometimes its easier to turn the assists off and just use the camera- the buzzing and beeping in car parks can get annoying. The ride can get lumpy being so low and having a stiffer suspension, but comfort mode will soften that some more.

Fuel economy is amazing: cruising on the highway you'd swear the fuel gauge needle hadn't moved. Around town in economy mode is a god send, though the trade off can be a slight lag at take-off. I've found that setting the engine to economy and flicking the gears to drive mode fixes that especially around the CBD areas.

Cabin room: you'll need to put most of your personal effects in the boot because there's not a lot of room between the seats. It's a Roadster not a sedan, I know, but once you've put your keys and wallet in the centre console you're down to 1 cup holder only!

It feels very low to the ground and if you can't open the doors fully getting in and out can be tricky. Once you're in though the car wraps around you, literally! The sides of the seats inflate(which can be adjusted to suit) and almost grip you into them which, when cornering hard, really helps to anchor you in and you almost forget the laws of physics.

The heating of the seats is wonderful and the neck-scarf heating makes top-down cruising fantastic! A trip up to the Blue Mountains when it was snowing with the roof down was very comfortable until we stopped LOL! Driving gloves will be taken next time.
For servicing and warranty you're pretty well set if you can wrangle your sales person. Ours came with free on-roads and CTP during a sale and included 3 years servicing and warranty which they extended to 4 on both counts. Check too for corporate service packages ;)

We compared several other makes of roadsters and found that the TT S Line was the one that gave us what we wanted at the best price:
Lots of driver assists and technology for safety
Performance and economy at the press of a button
Comfortable, fun and easy to drive
And this 3rd generation just look so good! (Everyone stops and stares as you drive past them)

I would've liked to have had adaptive cruise control but there is really only so much that can be squeezed under the bonnet. Is that a bad thing though? Nope. This is a car YOU want to drive! Cruise control on the highways will save you fuel and effort but I really love driving this so I'm happy to make a sacrifice in case.