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2016 Audi RS3 Sportback quattro Review

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I got the Performance pack which is a must – magnetic ride control; larger front wheels; B&O 705 Watt sound system; privacy glass which is dark glass but you still have to get clear tint on it to stop UV rays; moon roof. I also optioned the ceramic clear paint and leather protection. For a black car this is a must. I simply just hose dust off.

I've embarrassed some big name cars like a C63 AMG Black, which the driver discovered the hard way. A Porsche 911. Everyone underestimates this little pocket rocket, super hatch with attitude. I'm considering plug and play module chip which adds 40kW and 600Nm with down pipe for an even more serious sound.

I love it. Sounds amazing and when you want to sneak home late you can just put it in quite mode. However, I would like the RS models to be able to be chipped up without it affecting warranty, as it costs $6000 to get RS extended warranty.

It would also be good if all tyres were the same size when upgraded so you can rotate them.

Launch control is easy and fun to use, as is everything else. Comfort to dynamic in one button.

Overall, I love it. This super hatch is great to drive, easy to park and loves cornering really hard. I regret not getting the roof rails for my cycle or surf board.

All this and still a five-seater. Kids love car pooling to school. Everyone at school waits to have a look.

Can't wait to do a track day at Eastern Creek and a day on the drag strip.