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2016 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro Review

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This vehicle type is seemingly just what the buying public desires...

With a change in circumstances we traded our beloved 2013 Disco on the Q7. There were some unhappy campers who tried to block the move, but the Q7 won in the end thanks to some awesome assistance from the Audi dealer involved.

Also, the Disco is due for its new gen and the current shape suffers badly in terms of std features.

We loved the Disco's rugged yet refined nature, its completely family friendly style, its brilliant 7seating room and its ability to attack the beach and off road. It is the modern day Volvo 240 Wagon (with off road added) and the motoring equivalent of a Labrador in the dog world. It regularly carried us 800klms in comfort, with awesome flexibility and the ability to leave the tarmac at any stage.

Some of these pluses are badly lacking with the Q7. We won't take the Q7 on the beach or off road, it lacks a spare tire, it's third row area can not compare space and luggage wise and it is just not as rugged in touch/feel. Our Q7 also lacks air-suspension which offers numerous advantages.

But, we are growing to like the Q7. And we are learning about what it really is, this being what the modern motoring world appreciates. It's response to steering input is superior. It rolls no where near as much as the Disco. It is quieter. The transmission is superior. It's ride is firmer and no where near as harsh as an X5. It is a couple of generations ahead technology wise and connectivity wise. The kidles are desperately into the touch-pad, the display etc. And the overall design of the Audi interior is, dare I say, borderline a motoring work of art (deliberately understated yet consistently focused). And it will carry us comfortably over 1000klms on a trip.

So, the Q7 is a desperately capable, competent station wagon, with All Wheel Drive, 7seats and good visibility. It has no truck like sensations, which can be typically felt in 4WD (off road) alternatives.

We still miss our Disco though...the Audi just feels example of rampant Teutonic efficiency...And I know in 10years time, we will not remember the Q7, but we will always recall the Disco.

And dear Audi, some v minor gripes:
1. Next gen, can you please move the two buttons on the dash, both labelled "OFF" - that are located next to each other? One switches off the stop/start engine fuel saving. The second switches off the Traction control. My Wife consistently (mistakenly) turns off traction control, which if She then has an accident, will null/void our insurance. I've added electrical tape to cover the traction control button...and no I can not explain to my Wife which button she should never touch, it is obviously a “Male that stupidly designed it this way”
2. The touch pad to hand write commands...seriously? WTF? Who has time and it takes up a load of area on the transmission tunnel. Granted the Kidles do like showing it off.
3. The emergency brake application is hyper sensitive, which is good, but also bad as it senses driveways and their different angles (road meeting driveway) and throws on the brakes out of confusion 50% of the time when reversing.
4. Where are the BIG rubber Q7 matts that cover all floor carpets and accommodate muddy footy boots all winter long? Our Disco would spent Monday arvo almost weekly with the rubber matts copping a turbo hose bath which saved the interior and cleaning time...
5. And don’t get me started on the lack of a spare…

We are currently saving for a 4WD ute to accompany our desperately competent Q7 station wagon, for our more rugged and adventurous needs...

If the Disco is a Labrador, then what is the Q7?