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2016 Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Attraction Cod Review

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Owned it since Brand new. Under $50k, one of the best looking/value for money 'luxury'(I've used that word very loosely) car sedans. If you can negotiate well, you should be able to pick on up for just under $45k driveaway, making it quite the bargain!

Personally looks - this car is up there with it's other german rivals (Merc C Class, BMW 3 Series, Merc CLA). MQB Platform, 1.4 Litre Turbo, S-Tronic Gearbox - it never leaves me wanting more power! It's not a "sport's car" but it has more than enough torque to feel like a very zippy car.

Interior is quite spacious, leather seats are very nice, dual zone climate, very good factory speakers.

In my opinion in today's time cars have too many unnecessary features that add to the cost but do not 'add any value' and are soon forgotten once you've owned the car for a while. This is where I think the A3 offers great value. You pay for what you need & you can spec it up to have a lot or to have just enough for your requirements.

When I'm shopping, I personally look for 4 things as options: DRL/LED Lights, Leather, Sunroof & Nav+sound Package. These can generally be recovered in the resale.

Anything else, is nice to have but doesn't add any value to me(and to resale). With a lot of modern cars, they give you a lot of 'unecessary' features that I would happily give up to bring the cost down (eg. heads up display, blind spot monitoring on windows, interior lighting package, electric seats etc).

S-Tronic in the 2016 version is very nice. Earlier models in "sport" mode was a bit too aggressive and would hold gears till 6000 RPM even when using 'half throttle'. This one is more town friendly while making the car feel quite a lot faster.

Interior finish - very nice. We also own a Q5 and to be honest, the A3 is quite a lot nicer inside as it feels more modern and just as high quality.

Engine - 1.4 COD. The numbers lie. 110kW,250Nm - it feels like MUCH more. Having driven a Mk6 GTI - It is very comparable to that. I honestly don't know how to explain it. Even at 5000 RPM + the turbo still has a bit more puff. Fuel economy is very good! Real life figures are roughly 850km's per 50 litre tank.

Overall I would highly recommend this car to anyone considering it!