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2015 Zx Auto Grand Tiger (4x2) Review

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I have a 2WD Diesel Grand Tiger pick-up and I've found it a nice car. I've driven 20,000 km and it works great. I was involved in an accident and it's a solid car. I always felt safe. There was a dificulty repairing the steering system.

The steering was never soft and gentle. It makes wide angle turns and is very noisy. This remembers me of a container truck.

The windows roll down very quickly.

The durability is relatively high. Nothing's broken yet. It's very economic and it starts without a problem even when in negative temperatures.

It really disappoints me that the sound system has so limited conectivity. It does have a CD reader and a USB port. Although the usb functionality is limites to fat-32 memory sticks and does not work with electronic devices like smartphones and mp3 player. It has a space ti add a port I assume next to the USB one, but I haven't managed to find and buy one.

The speakers are hi fidelity or at least they do sound very good.

The cabin is very comfortable and looks really nice. Too bad the engine noise filters inside the cabin.

The air conditioning system is very good. It cools very quickly and brings the inner temperarure very low. It lacks inner and outer termometer, so I don't knkw hold cold it gets, but I've never sweat inside the car.

In my opinion the car is visually attractive.

Since I have this pick-up I've saved a lot of money in fuel. It does help me economize.

Besides all these features and lack of features it is not a very expensive truck.

I really would recommend buying a ZX GrandTiger