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2015 Volvo V40 D4 Luxury Review

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This is my 7th Volvo and the best ever. Good looking, smart,with excellent performance from the smooth 5 pot engine, this is an intelligent city and country car.

I was looking an agile city car with moderate space, looks and performance and from Europe. I have had VW, Fiat and Renault…but went back to Volvo for quality, reliability and longevity. High miles on a Volvo are normal.

I love the cabin, seats, dash with its floating console, and general look and feel of quality. Seats are different from the rest, with nice design, style and fit. Love the cup holders under the sliding panel. the cabin just fits.

Connectivity is very good and the sat nav is nat and informative, and the dashboard options of different displays is very novel. Interior textures and finishes are of very high quality, and is very stylish and practical in the Swedish way.

Its goes like a cut snake if you need to, and handles very precisely. Bit harsh on the road, but the comes with the 45 series tyres. Small price to pay for handling on rails.

LIke the 15K service interval, so costs will be moderate, and the dealer has loan car.

Needs a little more rear leg room, and boot is a little small too with a high lip. It is after all a hatch and not a wagon.

It a real stunner, people look at it, especially those VW drivers with their conservative boxes!!

All in all a very good choice, and I will have another any day.