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2015 Volkswagen Tiguan 118 TSI (4x2) Review

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Tiguan 2015 118 TSI 1.4L Automatic Manual. Purchased 31 Dec 2014. CURRENT Distance travelled 4,000km as at 19 April 2015.

After having a BMW x1(2013 20D model written off by a hail storm) as my previous car I test drove the Volkswagen tiguan 1.4 L expecting the car to be vastly under powered. Boy what a surprise, for a small motor the turbo and super chargers really make a huge difference in the feel of the car.

It is reasonably quick, still economical and the handling is above average. Not having run flat tyres makes a big improvement over the BMW X1. I like that the back seats can slide back giving more leg room when you have back seat passengers. This reduces the boot space.

So there is a compromise here, either good leg room for the rear passengers or a larher boot space. Normally I like the larger back seat leg room as standard, only changing this if I am going away on a trip.

However, the BMW X1 has more power, better handling than the Tiguan. It is however much more expensive at $45000 compared to $31000 for the Tiguan. For the money the Volkswagen is great value, and is 90‰ as good as the BMW. One negative for the Volkswagen is that it only uses premium unleaded fuel.

Although I loved the BMW, if I knew what I knew now, I would not have spent the extra on a BMW 2 years ago. A great valued German car.