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2015 Volkswagen Polo 81 TSI Comfortline Review

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First let me state the numbers at the bottom are for a car in its class, not versus cars in general.

My wife is still learning and we wanted a tiny car for her to drive and be comfortable in with 5 star safety. The Polo DSG was the choice over other hatches. The base model was lacking creature comforts we so the Comfortline made it into our garage.

Had to work hard to haggle on the price, but got there in the end. Dealers don't like discounting them.

Road noise is on the higher side, but not excessive. It's hard on suspension so you do feel all the bumps and roughness in the road. The car has started rattling a bit from somewhere in the back, a bit disappointed at that from a company that bombards us with its marketing on sturdiness.

It's quite roomy. The boot goes quite deep and the folding seats add small wagon/SUV roominess.

Passenger wise I managed to fit 5 adults in but I wouldn't recommend it on longer rides. Drivers seat goes back quite far for a people on the taller scale (I wouldn't recommend it for anyone too much over 185cm), but rear legroom of course suffers greatly. The steering wheel is 4 way adjustable. Some cars only have up/down the Polo also has forwards/backwards too. The fact it's flat bottom is also a nice aesthetic touch.

It has more power than I would have expected from a car this small. Put it into 'S' mode and it takes off quick, even with 5 people inside. The handling is also good.

The gearbox is great for the majority of the time but there is that occasional jerkiness on takeoff. The DSG gets you up to speed quickly and manual mode is excellent compared to other DSG cars I've driven. Manual mode on the Polo gives the driver more control compared to my Audi's S-tronic gearbox which doesn't give me as much leeway.

Fuel is great! Managed to get 4.4 litres to 100km on a 30 mins trip with medium traffic and a few red light stops, I had to work hard to achieve that. Average is around 5.9. It's ideal cruising speed vs consumption is about 70km/h. I am already used to start/stop technology and the Polos is very responsive.

I find the standard features good, the touch screen is easy to use. Music sorting is a bit of a pain from USB or SD card, you need to type the track number at the beginning of the file name or it sorts tracks alphabetically. And you need to out your albums in folders. Music sorting functions better off a Bluetooth connection from your smartphone or iPod etc (let the device set the playlist).

It's cheap, good to drive, easy to Park (no sensors needed) and has enough power to satisfy the daily driver.

Capped servicing seems a title too high. Also not pleased the capped price serving can change yearly after you buy the car; be aware of this!.

In summary; I enjoy driving it more than I thought I would. The engineering is excellent for what it is. This coupled with the low fuel consumption means I'm driving to more often to the office than my Audi A4.