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2015 Volkswagen Golf R Review

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One week with my Golf R and loving it.

Practical. Check. Fast. Check. Comfortable. Check. Anonymous. Check.

I have owned many cars and this is the first to balance all of the above perfectly.

Whether you tootle about town incognito or carve up hills roads at maximum attack the R is at home.

You could lend it to your mum in comfort mode and she would love it's easy to use clutch and steering.

Stick it in race mode and it will annihilate almost anything on the road regardless of price in real world conditions whether the road is straight or windy.

Who would have thought a humble hatch with people's car origins could be this good. I'm sold.

Fixed price servicing during the life of the warranty mean owning this rocket ship shouldn't be too expensive.

It's looks may be too understated for some but I love the fact that enthusiasts know what it is. 13 sec 1/4 mile with unflappable handling in any weather is nothing to sneeze at. Many know its

potential which may ultimately affect the car's credibility in a good way.

It isn't a fuel miser but you have to pay for all that performance somewhere !

Compared to an evo which needs servicing every 5000 k the R needs servicing only yearly or every 15000 k.

The car continues to surprise with its driver focused technology. You are always travelling far far quicker than you think and this can put your licence at risk.