Volkswagen Golf 2015 r
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2015 Volkswagen Golf R review

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I purchased this car in 2015. I love fast cars, but didn't want anything too big in size as I'm only a small female. I drove the GTI, GTI Performance and the Scirocco R, which were all great, but nothing compared to the power and comfort of the Golf R.

I loved the look of the car both inside and out. I cannot fault the car aside from my biggest dislike, which is that you pay $60,000 for a car that doesn't have electric seats. Crazy huh! Another dislike is the navigation system – too slow and too outdated. It doesn't have the capacity to read traffic nor does it tell you when speed cameras are approaching, and it takes forever for it to boot up when starting the car.

Drive technology is incredible – DCC within this car is a great feature that all cars should have. Having the option to adapt your suspension to the road is great for performance. You can have the car in Race Mode, where it's a little go-kart with super-tight suspension, and then in an instant change it to Comfort Mode for when you have your grandma in the car.

The DSG within the Rs is an incredible feature – three years on and the car still shifts like it did the first day I drove it out of the showroom. I've driven many cars and none shift as fast as the DSG. It's smooth and reliable.

Another pet hate of mine in this car is the turning circle. It has a terrible turning circle. Probably the worst car I've owned and driven for turning circles.

Overall, the car has been fantastic. It tells you everything you need to know, from when your tyre pressures are low to when your fluid needs to be topped up. The one thing I will say if you are buying this car is ensure you get your Haldex checked. One improvement I'd make for the future is to rip up this unreliable part and change it. A known problem with these cars (including Audis) is the Haldex pump failure, so make use of your warranty and get it checked.

The car is fast and more importantly it is fun. Further to that statement, these cars have the capacity to be extra fun and a scary vehicle to cross on the road. The modifications that can be done to it are endless. I waited three years before I performed any modifications, and it went from 206kW to 300kW (sounds good doesn't it?).

The pros outweigh the cons in this car. It is a fantastic car. All it needs is to be well looked after and it'll look after you well for years to come.