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2015 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Review

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Six weeks down and 2200km on the clock, and this car is utterly enjoyable! Tweaked the audio eq, played with cruise control, had a look for hidden buttons and features that may not get a usual mention. The selling point for me was the smooth engine & gearbox, a bunch of fun to punch around, even though the exterior still looks a bit mass-produced bland - I put that down to the Germans!

Otherwise almost faultless to drive, highway cruising is hardly fatiguing and good throttle feel right the way through. Shame our Aussie speed limits are so low, this car feels better and better as revs increase in 6th - the car sits flat right the way through to as far as I've pushed it to 160km/h on open highway, would have loved to go right past 200 but risk of policing was too great;

A little pricey especially with factory upgrades & consumer protection insurances, but for a car with hopefully 15+ year shelf life, an affordable addition to lifestyle. Should a family come along the Golf is a safe, well appojnted traveller, look forward to many more days of adventuring and enjoying this vehicle. The TSI engine great a smooth revver, compression braking could be better/more effective, along with smoothness when crawling in gear (somewhat surge-y), but this engine loves to run and push hard, so one could somewhat forgive it for the benefits of economical acceleration that almost rivals a diesel for fuel consumption.

Lots of standard inclusions, a real contender in Car of the Year 2015 - I think VW want this award this year to get some solid recognition alongside Mazda 3, Hyundai i30 & Toyota Corolla.

A true engineering marvel