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2015 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Review

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When it came to buying my first car, I was looking for a nice, small compact car, with either turbo petrol or turbo diesel. After looking around at other similar cars, I came across a 2015 vw golf demo base model with a price that was to good to ignore.

I have had the car for just under a year. Having previously driven a petrol Toyota Yaris (manual) and diesel VW Passat (auto), the first thing I noticed was how light and responsive the driving and steering was. When I found about the sports mode, well..........what fun to hear the growl of a turbo petrol engine. Fuel economy was another big tick. Recently did a 860km round trip on half a tank of fuel and the economy was 4.9-5.0L/100km.

Another good feature I am yet to use is its towing. What surprised me is that it can tow up to 1.6 tonne for a braked trailer.

General handling is good especially when using sports mode, especially when you can switch between drive mode and sports mode. Air-conditioning is delightful combined with a 6 speed fan. Heated external rear view mirrors even for the base model. A/C vent for the back seats. Radio, audio and speakers another good thing. Two speakers on the dashboard, 2 each on the front driver and passenger doors and one each on the rear doors.

For anyone looking to buy their first car, I would without hesitation recommend buying a vw golf.For the 2015 model golf, the price starts around $21,000 thru to $28,000 for the base model.