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2015 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Comfortline Review

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Finished in Volkswagen Pacific Blue Metallic paint matches the BlueMotion logo attached to the bottom of the TSI Badging. The car looks striking with the blue colour making everything looking proportional with the exception of the C-Pillar.

The interior being typical Volkswagen adorned with quality touches and very thoughtful storage spaces. Seats are comfortable and good for long extended journeys. It feels like a luxury car more than a family hatchback.

The reflective silver trim does add a two tone feel to the car. Apart from the consistent dark grey look. It adds an element of highlighting in the car

The optional Driver Assist Package fitted adds Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop Start, Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Park Pilot (Volkswagen’s moniker for witchcraft). The Adaptive Cruise Control provides five different distance settings all based on time based separation (one second – five seconds).

The Park Pilot requires less than five seconds to calculate the best possible steering manoeuvres into a car space. It only needs 30cm front and rear clearance to be able to manoeuvre the car into a parking spot.

The optional Discover Media infotainment unit adds a GPS receiver in the roof and a NAV Button to the centre console. Plenty of kit for such a small car.

Through out the cabin, controls are easy to access and easy to use - everything is where it should be.

The overall practicality of the Golf is above any other car. 380 litre boot is good for three to four large bags, which is more than enough for your weekly shopping run.

The punchy little TSI delivers fantastic fuel economy and offers great overtaking capabilities for long journeys.

Adaptive Cruise Control once set provides no worries of breaking the speed limit on the downhill section and assists in slowing down the Golf to avoid the backside of a car doing 80 in a 110 zone.

The TSI Engine is not only small but it is also powerful and efficient. Plenty of power thanks to the turbo and snappy thanks to the DSG upshifts (8ms in the upshift). Though the DSG occasionally exhibits its hesitance in the city.

The superb MQB Platform and the amazingly balanced suspension combined with the Continental 205/55 R16 tyres provides a comfortable and sporty drive with lots of grip and comfort to spare. That said, it is not as sharp as a Ford Focus but it is a compliant car.

Being German it is designed to cruise on the Autobahn at top speed without breaking a sweat. Hence a Victorian era speed limit is no problem. It is quiet on the highway with minimal noise intrusion. The 0-100 sprint takes 9.3 seconds but it washes that off in less than 35 meters.

In the city fuel consumption is at 6.3l/100km and on the highway it returns 4.7l/100km. Not bad for a petrol engine.

I would definitely buy this car again. Option it with the Driver Assistance Package and you’ve got a long distance touring car. A true testament to how practical and well rounded this car is.