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2015 Volkswagen Golf 110 TSI Highline review

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I bought my 2015 Golf Highline based on features and performance. Oh and the fuel economy, which is under 6 litres per 100kilometres and is repeatedly achievable. Fuel economy is 100% fantastic.

I am disappointed with the silly space-saver tyre as there’s no financial gain aftermarket. I dumped it and bought a real wheel.

The GPS needs updating as the voiceover is not that good and the dealer never makes offers or upgrades/updates.

The finish inside and out is second to none after having driven Australian built cars.

The only change I have made to the vehicle was tinting the windows as I live in a regional area and find it easier when driving on bright days.

Working in the automotive industry for 30+ years I’m impressed with the drivetrain, transmission and overall performance - a great match by the German designers. The Sports mode on the 7-speed DSG is great for hilly drives or going to the snow, as it holds well.

It took a long time to get used to the hand brake as a switch and the "hold" button when you stop at the lights, which holds the car still without needing your feet on the pedals.

The start-stop system is good in the city but should have been set up the other way, ie activate only when required and not come on every time.

Servicing through my local VW dealership seems very expensive and excessive for what they do and I am finding it difficult to retain my loyalty with them in favour of my local mechanic.

I feel undersold, as I would have purchased the R-Line upgrade if it were offered, but instead they offered leather seats for $5,000 and a paint package for $1,800 which wasn’t worth it. I would have paid the $2,500 for the R-Line upgrades.

I have been tempted to fit a roof rack and tow bar, but I have found I can fit everything inside as space is like the Tardis - it's crazy what I can get into it.

I’ve had my Golf for 6 years from new and can’t see any trade in the foreseeable future.

The battery is still original which surprised me as I thought the start-stop system would drain it more.

I travel 10,000km a year and find the fuel usage is just right, so I use 98 octane.