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2015 Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 Dark Label Review

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Although a weekend warrior's ute, the Volkswagen Amarok poses a value proposition to those otherwise inclined to purchase a premium SUV. With comfort and convenience features to rival many premium SUV manufacturers, the Amarok will both carry and tow more than significantly higher priced vehicles in the SUV segment.

Utilising the German made, Argentinian assembled ZF eight speed gearbox (in my opinion, the world's best traditional automatic gearbox) the VW is able to maintain a effortless 1750rpm at highway speeds with lesser gearbox's being found wanting of an extra overdrive ratio.

The intuitive shift speed is where the Volkswagen's auto transmission really impresses, leaving you confident you're always in the right gear for any situation.

VW's 4motion all wheel drive system as used in many German SUV's bridges the gap even further (or lesser in this case) between SUV and ute. Driving on wet country backroads, it is a godsend having the reassurance to power through bends I'm confident would leave other comparable ute drivers feeling unsettled.

Whether your valet parking at renowned restaurants or heading offroad for a long weekend camping trip the Amarok is at home and I cannot think of any other vehicle, let alone ute that with the design characteristics to pull that off with confidence.

This being said, the Volkswagen Amarok with factory fitted side steps is found lacking in ground clearance, although makes up for it in approach and departure angles in comparison to many other utes in class and SUV's to boot.

In summary if you're seeking the upmarket appeal of an SUV and the practicality that comes with owning a real man's car. The Amarok should be high on your list of candidates.