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2015 Volkswagen Amarok TDI400 Highline Review

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After testing all available Dual cab 4WD ute's on the market both on and off road, the choice to purchase a fleet of 5 x Amarok TDI 420 8 speed autos some 2.5 years was very easy. The Amarok was a standout vehicle then and even now remains the class leader in my opinion.

All have performed exceptionally well with only minor electrical niggles experienced on 2. All have now done over 50,000 kilometres. many say only milk comes in 2 litres however the little diesel engine well and truly punches above its weight.

Cabin quality, comfort, car like handling a real plus and no uneven tyre wear experienced. Volkswagen have provided excellent customer service so far. Servicing costs are slightly more then most but engine runs full synthetic oils and 15K servicing.

Performance off road has been sensational and many a more "Rugged" 4WD have been embarrassed by an Amarok on the sand. great articulation, electronic off road program works and standard rear diff lock complements a complete off road system.

No having to clunk out of gears like some other manufacturers. Does anyone know where I can get a TOYOTA and NISSAN recovery vehicle sticker.....No I dont work for VW, but have been so impressed, I just purchased a Highline TDI400 manual as my personal car.

Go on take one for a drive. I am sure you will be impressed. on niggle I have is the bonnet release latch is on the passengers side footwell, most annoying VW.