Toyota Landcruiser 2015 sahara (4x4)
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2015 Toyota Landcruiser Sahara (4x4) review

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Overall, the Landcruiser 200 provides the rugged and robust design Toyota is well known for.

The 4.5-litre V8 provides grunt whenever required, perfect for when towing a heavy load, although the turbos give a little lag when punching the accelerator.

For the size of the Landcruiser the engine provides relatively economical fuel consumption, whether it be city or highway driving.

The large cabin spaces provides extra room and therefore comfort in both the front, middle and back row seats creating a perfect family oriented vehicle.

The technologies throughout the car also improve the comfort, including the easy-to-use infotainment system, heated and cooled front row seats, heated middle row seats, four-zone climate control, cooler, and more.

It would be nice as an extra feature for Toyota to include a heated steering wheel like overseas variants.

The Landcrusier has a big price tag starting at around $80,000 for the GXL and up to $100,000 for this particular Sahara model, but what your really paying for is the Toyota reliability and the technical 4x4 system.

Off-road, the Landcruiser provide awesome capabilities, considering its size and weight but could do with adjustable suspension button for those even tougher situations.

The ride and handling is average with the KDSS suspension providing a smooth ride and the engine providing smooth out puts but the steering and size of the car really do hinder its performance. The car feels much larger when driving and the steering has little response, not ideal for the shopping centre carpark.

Overall the Landcruiser provides a strong and reliable engine, with little refinements required that all doubles as the perfecting towing vehicle. The size does hinder the haddling but it does provide a sense of safety, not only when driving but also towing.

The newest model of the 200 Series updates and refines the engine to give it a car-like characteristic and also tweaks and improves the technologies within the car to create a more safe and family friendly vehicle.

The Landcruiser 200 Series is no doubt, one of the most recognisable 4x4s on the market.