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2015 Toyota Camry Atara S Review

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We purchased this car because of the all round package of price, features, design and stress free motoring. This car is for my wife who doesn't really care about the way a car drives or how quick it goes, she just wanted something that was quiet, comfortable and looked good. We bought the car home at the beginning of November and since then has done around 1500 kms.

The thing that grabbed our attention was the exterior design, we think it looks fantastic and when you park it next to a 2014 camry its almost hard to believe that they're 1 year apart, massive step forward in design. One thing that did bother me though was the c-pillar with the cheap plastic fake window insert that looks ridiculous! Lucky that we opted for the darkest window tint which makes it look a bit better. Step inside and you notice the resemblance to the old model.

They look exactly the same with some nicer materials. I don't mind the design of the interior and the materials used on the dash and doors are soft. The seats are comfy and easy to find the perfect driving position with the 8-way power adjusted drivers seat. My wife also loves the lumbar support because of her bad back. Get into the back seat and you start noticing where Toyota managed to do some cost cutting, the materials on the doors are hard and cheap and the seats are not as comfy as the front and a little bit on the firm side (even our old 2003 camry had a more comfy and more expensive back seat).

That isn't such a problem for us though as our kids find them comfy enough and we never hear them complain about being sore or uncomfortable. The boot too is big though the boot hinges eat into the boot space, yet more cost cutting Toyota has done as our old 2003 camry had the boot hinges hidden.

The car is smooth and very quiet, my wife says she loves driving it (i know you must be shocked someone saying they enjoy driving a camry). Fuel economy could be better in my opinion, in city driving and heavy traffic which we do a lot of driving in since we live in Melbourne the car averages around 10 letters per 100 kms and in freeway driving it averages about 7.9 meters which is ok.

Another thing that we thought was good was the $140 service cost every 9 mouths or 15,000kms. Overall we are very happy with it and think it is worth a serious look if you are someone that just wants a quiet and comfortable car and we hope that like our old camry it will last years with no problems.