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2015 Toyota 86 GTS Review

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I've always wanted a sports car but never could have one due to needing a certain level of practicality. This time I bought a car I really wanted and I've never looked back!

I love the way this car handles and rides. You can feel every bump in the road but in a fun, engaging way. The steering and low position make you feel connected with the road.

The engine is powerful enough for my purposes around town and I have no complaints about the output (most motoring journalists remark at how it would benefit from a bit more power). The manual transmission is a delight to use. Cruising on the highway is easy, although road noise does get up there at 100km/h.

The cabin is pretty nice too. I like the supportive seats and straight forward layout of the controls. Rear leg room is pretty tight but I actually do use it on occasion and it's just fine for 1 person for short trips provided they are a smaller individual. Visibility is ok and you have the reverse camera to help. I wound have liked front and rear sensors to be standard though, as the 3/4 view is obscured by the C pillars and the bonnet is long.

I've had it for less than 6 months but so far reliability has been perfect. Fuel economy sits around 10L/100km (calculated from real life figures). Considering most of my driving is in peak hour traffic I think this is pretty good! I am definitely not gentle with the throttle.

The one thing I hope is that the car doesn't lose its tight feel over time. I suspect that with the firm suspension it might develop some cabin rattles.

Overall I am stoked with my decision to buy the 86. Other cars I cross shopped were:
- Mini Cooper S (more expensive and had a 3 month waiting list for a manual)
- WRX (more expensive and IMO not as nice an interior and less features. Didn't feel that much more powerful to me on test drive but admittedly I am not a race car driver)
- Mazda MX5 (I couldn't handle everyone looking at me with the top down - seriously fun car though)
- Golf GTI (Just a bit boring, couldn't warm to it)