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2015 Tesla Model S P85d Review

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Just hit 18000kms in a P85D and I've owned this car since Oct 2015. It's flawless - no issues whatsoever and it feels the same as the day I picked it up (new). I drive to work at around 220kms per day. Bought it as my older previous car was costing $20k per year for fuel and servicing - whereas this comes with an 8 year unlimited km warranty, no fuel or servicing required.

We have just done a 2000km road trip with 3 young kids and 2 adults mainly through country areas. This car still blows me away! Ideal size for 5 person family plus storage. Heaps of charging options. It drove using autopilot I'm guessing 80% of our trip.

I also use the autopilot every day for work down the M1 and back (1.5 hrs). Just got back from our trip and already can't wait to get into it tomorrow morning off to work.

When I got the car it didn't have autopilot or summon or Spotify music streaming. In 6 months I've received 3 major updates overnight, the first changing my dash etc - was like getting a new car when I got in the next morning. The music streaming is amazing plus being able to control it from my phone. I can start the air-con remotely before I get to the car. This has been designed for people who drive by people who drive and it just keeps getting better - can't wait to see what the next update brings!

I didn't buy it initially purely for the anti pollution side of things but now I realise the large benefits this provides - no fumes or noise. The kids also love it and even though they are young, they seem to understand probably more than me the effect petrol cars are having with the environment and how it could effect their future.

I really like the interior - top quality / functional and not over the top with unnecessarily gadgets in order to sell at car! - the car sells itself..,

The longer you own one of these the more you appreciate it! Certainly makes driving fun again.