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2015 Tesla Model S 85 Review

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I have been following this company since they unveil the roadster prototype. I have hoped and wished that they would come to Australia with a car within my means.

Fast forward to 2015, my dream came true and I took delivery of my model S 85.
Despite reading and knowing so much about the car. Ownership still provides constant pleasure and joy. The instant response makes almost all internal combustion engined cars feel sluggish in comparison.

The software updates add new features to the car, and they are more significant than updates you get on your mobile phone. Autopilot works really well on the freeway, and surprisingly it works quite well in gridlock traffic as well. The mobile app also makes it possible not only to control cabin temperature before you get in the car but also to unlock and drive the car if you happen to not have the key with you. I don't normally listen to music in the car, but the complimentary Spotify account has changed that. I surprised myself when I started using it and enjoying it.

Fit and finish is not as bad as some reviews suggested. I have had more reliability and fitting issues with German and English branded cars. I am not sure there is any real need to service this car as they seem to be only inspections, and there isn't even a service book supplied.

Overall this car has been an absolute joy, the main down side is a rapid decline in interest in other cars as I would see myself as a motoring enthusiast.
Looking forward to replacing the other car with another Tesla in the future.