Suzuki Kizashi 2015 sport touring
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2015 Suzuki Kizashi Sport Touring review

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I've always lusted after the Kizashi ever since it was launched. But, the new car price was out of my reach at the time. Finally, I've been able to buy a recent model from a dealer a few weeks ago and so far I'm delighted.

My previous car was a 2010 turbo-diesel sedan with a normal six-speed automatic so it's taking me a little while to adjust to the different driving dynamics.

The Kizashi is smooth, very comfortable with supportive seats and adjustable driving position. It is also surprisingly spacious. I had expected to feel a bit cramped after downsizing from a larger family-sized sedan but don't feel I've lost any usable space such is the well-designed layout of the cabin and with lots of storage places and cupholders.

The car feels very solid, like it's carved out of a solid chunk of metal. The doors close with a reassuring 'thunk', and the fit and finish is superb with minimal gaps.

The car rides smoothly on the 18-inch alloys (with a full-size alloy spare too!). With the wheels set at the corner extremities of the car, the steering and suspension are a revelation over my previous sedan. The CVT actually works very well with little droning and feels like a normal auto transmission (congrats to Suzuki for sorting theirs out!). And the brakes are excellent.

While my Kizashi is the base model in the lineup there's no sense of missing out on too many important features (except for reversing sensors!) as the car is very well equipped.

Outward vision is very good but I will be having reversing sensors installed (not a standard fitting) because of the high boot lip and sporty-looking spoiler obscuring the rearward view.

My only early criticisms are of the old-fashioned bonnet prop-rod and the gooseneck hinges in the boot (my previous older model sedan has gas struts at both ends).

Size-wise the Kizashi sits between medium and small sedans, so not too big and not too small as far as I'm concerned. But, I think that was part of its problem – what category to put this car in?

The Kizashi has been discontinued which is a real pity because it is a truly superb sedan.

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