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2015 Subaru WRX Review

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Oh the Pain, The pain !!

Some cars lend themselves to certain situations and give the driver a yearning to reproduce those sights and feelings. I imagine if i were in Italy, I would yearn for a lovely mountainous pass, with curves and views. Germany, maybe a daily run on the autobahn to work or the shops for a paper, or anything really.

However I live In Australia, Perth to be exact. Those of you who followed the Ebola scare will understand the fury of Speed enforcement in WA.

So with that in mind and the life sapping danger of exceeding any speed limit at all, I have learnt to live within my means.

My greatest pleasure in Life is the Freeway On ramp.

My little piece of Autobahn, My Italian Stallion.

My World Rally Tarmac Tryout. Whilst I may not be able to exceed 100kmh, I can get there in 1 second can I not ? ( humour me).

The car, the car is a wonderful mix of raw engineering, combined with 2015 design. The gearbox whines under load anyone in the passenger seat whines under load, the turbo is either boosting or its not.

When its not its doughy, but when its boosting, by god hold on and make sure you look to where you want to be, because you will be there.

Grip ! this is the only car I have owned where I have not turned off the Insurance controls. If this car ever loses grip, I dont want to be in it, Its simply not within my spacial imagination.

It likes a drink, but I am suspicious of any thing ( or anyone) that doesn't. It likes the top shelf stuff, fine by me too.

Resale value is high, its got a boot that will fit more than my shopping or someones hairdryer. Its got no pretty interior lights, Disco is not my thing. No tartan Crap either.

The stereo sounds dreadful playing Taylor Swift, but is note perfect playing Van Halen go figure.

The Seats are Leather, I say pigs bum. They smell like it too.

The wheels are silver but most of the time are black with Brake dust. Yep my fault.

The ride is firm but smoother now than when new (8000km).

Its got a wing on the back of it, did you notice ? yeah its a downforce thing man.

You see this car has character, things hanging off it, its got history too. Its got an engine that wants to self destruct with turbo psi.

The ECU is a bit OCD. It doesn't make full power all the time, its a bit paranoid. I'm thinking that's why so many reviews are a little volatile on its performance.

But when the Air temp is right, the fuel is right, the road is right, the chariot gods are with you, and the ECU has gotten its rocks off, this car hammers like a dirt bike up through the short gears.

It puts a smile on your dial, isn't that what life's about !!

But then, the on ramp, and no pleeeeease noooo, dont pull in front pleaseeeeeeee Mr Excel

Oh the Pain !!!