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2015 Subaru Outback 3.6r Premium Review

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A wonderfully fantastic car! On the road I consistently achieve 28+ mpg and whilst on my most recent road trip from Anchorage Alaska to Minnesota and back, (8,200 miles) I was able to squeak 30+.or more from a U.S. on several occasions...

I thought that I would hate having the CVT but am now immensely fond of it! I weigh 300lbs, my son weighs 200lbs plus we had a combined total of about 300lbs of gear.

I use synthetic oil also with Marvel Mystery oil added to the fuel tank at every fill. Whilst tavelling at +90 farenheit, and at least 3,000 feet above sea level I acheived no less than 27+ mpg what a car! I forgot to mention that along with my particular heft, I am not vertically challenged when standing so as to allow for further objective critique of ample ingressing and egressing let it be said that dimensionally, improvements have been made.

My most oft utilized seat position while driving is slid all of the way back on its track with a mild recline added for reach comfort at the steering wheel. Mind you now as far as real world testing is concerned, the "leg zone" in the aft seating area was left surprisingly uncramped.

So...those of us with additional dimensions rejoice...this is a car which will not leave you claustrophobic in any sense of the word.

Oh yes, I should have mentioned that I am 6'-3" I could not help but notice that the sound system is quite wonderful as well...whether or not your particular taste in music is Jazz or classical like mine you will find that the reproduction quality is superb across the entire spectrum.