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2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium Review

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This is a great car in every respect except the sat Nav. I'm on the road every day for work often going places I've never been before, needing to give people ETAs, trying to avoid traffic jams and accidents.

All wonderful things that my old sit on the dashboard sat Nav could do and so can the Subaru built in with one key, fundamental, blindingly obvious, or in this case deafeningly obvious difference. I could mute my old sat Nav and just look at the screen when I needed to. You cannot do the same with the Outback's built in sat Nav.

You can turn it down to 1 and that's it. There's no 0 and there's no mute. And to add to your driving pleasure it lowers the volume of the radio so you can hear the sat nav's voice all the more clearly. When you are winding through the back streets this can be every few seconds with the added bonus of it telling it is recalculating its route. so helpful and relaxing... NOT!

So after 1 day of ownership and with a buying decision based on taking the Premium model primarily on the value of the in built sat Nav which seems pretty good until you want it to shut up, I have switched back to my old sat Nav for the peace and quiet and am wishing I'd saved my $$$ and gone with the basic model.

Shame on me for not testing it properly, but when a 10 year old Tomtom or Garmin sat Nav has a mute button, who would think it wouldn't be in the latest and greatest?

The dealer said the more people who make a complaint the more likely it is to be fixed. So, I've complained to the dealer, now I'm sharing my displeasure here, and I will be visiting as many car review websites as I can to make everyone aware of this highly irritating flaw in what is otherwise a great car.
Plain and simple. If you plan to use your sat Nav all the time, be aware. And just for fun, search for how to do it on Various models of Mazda, Hyundai, Honda (I stopped after these 3) and see what a common complaint this is.

Honestly, i would not have bought the Subaru Outback Premium 2015 model if I'd known there was no Sat Nav mute.