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2015 Subaru Brz Premium Review
  • Fuel economy , Handling, Brakes, Practicality for Sports car, Driving position
  • Easily stone chipped, Entertainment unit poor, No rear and front sensors ( have installed)

by Jeff

“FUN CAR” sums up this great little runaround.

Fuel economy is excellent – Still averaging 6.7 litres per 100 kms ( av. fuel usage recorder has never been reset from factory ) and better on long trips and I am not easy on the right foot. It has the auto box but always have it in sports mode.

No reliability issues to date and servicing costs as per original quotation. Don’t compare it with other sports cars. It stands alone on practicality, handling and running costs. Comfort is also high on the list (best driving position I’ve had in 50 years of owning cars ). As well as the above, the reason for purchasing the BRZ is it’s a good all rounder with rear wheel drive and naturally aspirated engine, which takes you back to the days of having to “drive” the car to get the best out of it. Sure it could have more power etc. I’ve had some of the quickest ( am 69 ) but this for me is something special.

I have  very little to complain about after 31000kms over 2 years. Paint on the front does chip easily.  I Replaced the pathetic entertainment unit with a much better unit. Thought an update to 2017 model might be the way to go but why give up something that at my age I can see me enjoying for many years to come.

By the way the sports car the BRZ replaced was in my possession for 20 years (was to be for a lot longer). After 2 years I still enjoy hopping into the BRZ as much as the first day I picked it up. I know several others in various age groups with this car or Toyota 86 and I find the same or similiar thoughts to my own. I think that in its defence the good value BRZ for what it was intended is not lacking in the engine department as many insist. Most of us fortunate owners know what this car is all about – “FUN”.

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2015 Subaru Brz Premium Review Review
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