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2015 Skoda Yeti Outdoor 103 TDI Review

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After thinking that I may have overdone the research I recently took delivery of this little wonder and realised that the numerous test drives of all the competitors simply revealed the Yeti to be a perfect choice.

We are a couple with grown up kids, live in the country, make numerous trips into the hills and to the big smoke and appreciate quality when we experience it.

When looking at overseas customer satisfaction surveys I was pleased to see both a uniformly exceptional response and a broad customer base from Europe to North America.

Our Yeti is beautifully thought out and tremendously capable on both the freeway and up in the mountains around home. Some people, our own kids in fact, giggled at the 'Postman Pat' styling in photos but when they saw it in real life instantly changed their minds.

SUV's appear to be getting both bigger and more urban orientated with we suspect very few venturing off the tarmac. We test drove Honda, Audi, Mazda, Holden, Subaru even Mercedes GLA equivalents and found them wanting in areas that we needed for full functionality.

We also couldn't care less if the basic styling is unchanged in six years, no-one asks why a Porsche 911 or Land Rover Defender have remained essentially unchanged for decades - if it works why stuff around with it just to make an impression on the showroom floor.

As a consequence of our final decision we have a superbly engineered, genuine 4WD diesel, that has not ballooned into a style statement and is arguably the most underrated and unheralded compact SUV on the market.

Skoda have taken the parent company's likeable Tiguan and re-invented it into what we consider the BEST compact 4WD on the planet.

Simply superb. Excuse the Skoda pun!