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2015 Skoda Superb 125 TDI Elegance Review

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Skoda Superb 2015 style edition is just the perfect car for the family :D I love it from the fist look , it is a magical car with a mid-range price.The reliabitily is great and the materials isn't cheap.The comforts are limitless they have put everything, Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) with Driving Mode Selection, Adaptive Cruise Control, Travel Assist, As in a VIP lounge Ambient lighting In the car’s ideal microcosm, all controls and comfort features have been sensibly distributed to make maximum use of ergonomics. The new Superb is a landscape in which all four basic elements are present.

The fifth element, triggering their interactive movement, is your intuition. Take a seat, take control.​

Driver Alert reduces the risk of a fatigue-induced emergency situation.

By monitoring driver behaviour, the system assesses the degree of driver fatigue and, if necessary, warns of the need for a rest and break in the journey.

The electromechanical power steering transmits information about steering wheel movements to the control unit. It compares this information with overall driving behaviour and with pre-defined characteristics of drowsy driver behaviour.​ Blind Spot Detect helps the driver to change lanes safely by registering any vehicles in the blind spot.

Two radar sensors located in the lower part of the rear bumper monitor the area beside and up to 20 metres behind the ŠKODA Superb.

When the system detects vehicles in the blind spot next to the car or approaching from behind, an LED symbol in the wing mirror lights up to alert the driver. If the driver indicates in the direction of the detected vehicle, the LED starts to flash, indicating the possible danger to the driver.

Blind Spot Detect is active from 10 km/h up to the vehicle’s top speed.