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2015 Renault Megane RS 265 CUP Review

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Test drove golf gti 7 (had a golf 6 gti) ford st, Opel OPC they do not come any where close to the Megane RS sport in terms of performance, road holding, thrill of driving even looks and value for money.

The GTI 7 is too tame and was not as responsive as the Megane. The OPC felt a bit too heavy and not as fast I thought it would be. The ford felt like it lacked power . Definitely not hot hatch category in my book. The Megane is truly a beast, looks hot and boy can it go!

It truly is built for the kill. I decided to buy one and I am loving it. I have covered 60000 km without a days problem. I have friends with older models who have covered close to 200 000 km without any problems. The car really is " as tough as nails".

I use it every day, city drives mainly and it is very comfortable and more economical than my wife's 1600 conquest. I am contemplating buying another one for my wife who also adores the car. Why another one? The other "hot hatches" continue to disappoint me. The megane rs sport really is in a class of its own! Go ahead test drive all of them , I am sure you will feel the same as I do. I am sure you will agree with the car critiques when they say " the megane rs is the king of hot hatches". I certainly agree.