Renault Clio 2015 rs 200 sport
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2015 Renault Clio RS200 Sport review

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We purchased the little Renault for my wife. We both loved the performance and the styling of the Clio, and we liked the way the car looks like a coupe but has five doors. My wife also liked the red stitching in the seats and the red seatbelts. The five-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty also helped make our minds up about buying the car.

This is the first car that has been named by my wife, and the first car that she keeps clean! 'Cli Cli' has plenty of power. My wife has to commute once a month from Sydney to Wollongong, and even though the Sport button seems to give the car plenty of additional power, in Normal mode it charges along quickly when needed. We used the Clio to go to the Hunter Valley recently and drove home via Putty Road, and I was very impressed by the way the car stuck to the road on corners.

Most of the time, the Renault is used running around the metropolitan area and it is very economical. The things we don't like are that the Bluetooth system is unreliable and the rear-seat passenger space is a little tight – you wouldn't want to be too tall.

I have read reviews by motoring journalists being a little critical of the auto transmission, but honestly, we think it's fine. Servicing has been no problem and the Clio has been perfectly reliable in the two years we have owned it.

My wife often gets comments from friends and family about how good the little Clio looks. We probably didn't need the Sport model as we are not petrolheads, but it's fun to have that Sport button and the Sport handling. Renault hasn't always had a great reputation with build quality in the past, but ours has been fine. There are no rattles or squeaks after two years and 20,000km.

We would recommend the Clio Sport to anyone looking for a small car with plenty of power and personality, and we would definitely consider purchasing another Renault in the future.