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2015 Renault Captur Dynamique Review

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I have had my Captur for 2 months and so far loving it.

As I drive 2 hours a day, I was specifically looking for a car that was economical, but also had a great look, had integrated Bluetooth and navigation and offered a higher seating position, to allow for better visibility while in traffic.

To find the elevation I was looking for, I test drove mainly small SUV type cars. eg: Honda HRV – good, but Bluetooth and navigation only integrated with an iPhone. Mazda CX-3 – a good car with high quality interior, however it does not offer any elevation so not much better than sitting in a Corolla hatch. Subaru XV – better than I expected it to be, but due to the all-wheel drive it was a lot more expensive and these cars are everywhere! Way too common. I also looked at the Kia Sportage and the Hyundai ix35 but ultimately loved the look and style of the Captur.

The pump up driver’s seat has offered better viewing and I am spending a 3rd less than what I was in petrol as my previous car. It is super economical, drives well around town and on the open road. Loving the automatic everything – lights, wipers, locking system …. and if you have the opportunity to definitely upgrade to the heated leather seats - they are a dream.

There are three issues that I find distracts from rating this car 100%.
1. The Bluetooth connectivity. Although you can synch more than one phone every time you get into the car you have to nominate which phone you want to use. My previous experience with Bluetooth, the car has automatically connected to which ever phone begins to ring. This proves difficult if you have more than one phone as inevitably the one that is not synced rings.
2. The car is very slow off the mark when you put your foot down, so you have to negotiate intersections with a lot more care as you may not get across in the time you are used to.
3. The air-con is not very powerful and am not sure how it will cope in a Melbourne summer.

Hopefully these issues are resolved in future models.