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2015 Range Rover Sport Svr Review

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I have to say that the SVR is one of the most incredible pieces of machinery. No only is it the most powerful Ranger Rover ever, it somehow manages to transform all the power and pace into a normal day-to-day car. I bought this SVR as a gift for my wife for our anniversary. so far and to this very day not one thing has come up that has caused us to raise a eyebrow.

With me already a huge fan of "super suv's" I decided that something special should be added to the family. with two kids (1 & 3) it is very fun and practical for going out doors on a Saturday. It lets you venture out far and beyond what other SUV's like the X6, Q7, and ML can do.

When you are not on the track, you can change every setting so that it is as practical to use every day as a corolla. its also comfortable and has class-leading suspension too, meaning that bubs doesn't get thrown around when we go bush for a epic journey.

And then there's the trip home: everyones asleep, and the road is empty. Put the crusie control on at 160kph (just have that radar detector on;-) and it is almost heaven on earth.

When I was looking at purchasing the SVR ( the wife didn't know until I gave her the keys) I seriously considered the rivals and the most important thing: thirst. if you have one of these high performance SUV's there will be stops!

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo, BMW X5M, Audi SQ5 TDI, and the Merc-Benz ML63 AMG were all very close competitors...I actually test drove every single one of them, and by this time my wife was getting a little suspicious of when I went out during the day. But we got the result. and after driving the other epics, you get a real feeling of everything that Range Rover has done to make this the most epic, and enjoyable Rangie yet.

But for me it's back to work tomorrow....after all it is my wifes SVR.......