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2015 Range Rover Evoque TD4 180 SE review

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I bought the car for its style, economy and practicality. It has proven to be extremely smooth, quiet and comfortable. The TD4 180 provides ample performance, the only 'complaint' is the lag. It’s just a bit too slow to respond at times, but once it’s on song it’s a delight.

Some of the technology leaves a bit to be desired. To make a hands-free phone call is way more difficult than my Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is $30K cheaper. It’s probably a bit overpriced for what you get, and at this price point it should come standard with seat-warmers, but it doesn’t. I guess the badge explains that to some extent, but then again, the parent company is Tata. Still, I bought one and overall I guess I don’t regret the purchase, and 8/10 feels like a fair overall score.

The sound system is excellent, but again, my Jeep GC comes standard with a 30GB hard drive to store music, while the Evoque can only store five CDs max.

However, the nine-speed gearbox is fantastic and a generation above the old five-speed in my other car. There is so much technology and computing power going on in modern cars that it is both a blessing and a curse. For instance, you can jump in the car, start it, reverse out and be ready to drive off before all the computers have booted up and the reverse camera comes on. To me, this is unacceptable.

But once started and all computers and sensors have done their thing, then it's a sensational motor vehicle that can park itself, it has 360-degree camera viewing, and beeps at you when you are in a tight space.

The rear door opening is a luxury, but then again, this technology is becoming standard on lesser makes these days too. The auto-dipping side mirrors are appreciated and the head-up display is a great option and contributes to the car's overall safety.

I do like the cruise control and its ease of use, however I am very disappointed that the cruise control does not retard the speed on downhill runs. I’ve had a 2005 Honda that did this, so why the hell can’t a car that's a decade younger and at this price point not do the same?