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2015 Peugeot 308 Touring Allure review

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I have had my 2015 Peugeot 308 Touring wagon for a year-and-a-half now, and really enjoy the car.

Originally I was tossing up between a Holden Calais, Subaru Liberty and the 308. I ended up going with the Peugeot because of the nimble handling and supremely light steering. The Calais by comparison was boat like, although I can see the benefit of the larger vehicle on the open Australian country roads. The Liberty never got test driven because of the insanely long wait times at the dealership.

Once settled on the 308, I opted for the 1.6T petrol Allure version with the Nappa leather seat option, plus 18-inch alloys. The exterior styling is conservative, but slightly less boxy than the VW Golf or Passat.

Inside, the first thing that you note is the go-kart like steering wheel that sits beneath the dash display. Apparently, some people have issues with dash display visibility due to that setup. I prefer a higher driving position so have never had that problem.

The tech inside is pretty good with a touch display for controlling everything. It's a bit clunky sometimes, but overall okay. The GPS lady is not very clued up and will advise you to drive off cliffs or other means of certain death routinely. The rear-view camera is sharp and bright which is helpful.

The things I really love about the 308 are the seats, which are basically super comfy (as long as you're not Andre the Giant), the steering which is just super light and responsive, the smoothness of the engine, the stability and sure-footedness of the ride, and the surprisingly spacious boot in what is essentially a small wagon.

That 1.6T 110kw engine is nicely powered, but torque is a little on the low side, which might be more noticeable if your foot is of the leaded inclination, or if you have a load. But the engine and transmission are very nicely matched and super smooth.

There are no paddle-shifters, but putting the auto in manual mode gives you everything you need. Occassionally there is a little turbo lag; this can be particularly noticeable at roundabouts and you need to alternate between braking and accelerating quickly. The car is best suited around town, but also sits on the open road nicely at low revs.

One main disappointment of the car is the fuel economy. With a claim of 6.5 litres per 100km, it is actually bit of a pipe dream. I get 8.5-9.0 around town and the best ever was a road trip where we averaged 6.4L. The engine requires premium 95 octane which means that difference is magnified.

The other notable shortcoming is the console (one cupholder only) and glove box space (fuse box), which is partially caused by the LHD to RHD conversion.

However, overall I have been very happy with the purchase. There's been absolutely no issues with the reliability of the car and customer service at the dealer and service centre have been spot on. The pricing given the tech and engineering of the vehicle is great value, and a great alternative to the ubiqitous VW.