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2015 Nissan X-trail Ts (FWD) Review

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Bought this car new from Thompson Motors Sepparton and has been of the road more than on. The car accalerates out of control and the cruise control only works when it feels like it. Car is in Dealership now awaiting a new computor.

The list of faults just keeps growing would never recomend buying one of these lemons. Nissan is aware of the problems and don't care. They need to take these problems seriously and buy the vehicle back. The tailgate seal was damaged from new. Dealer replaced.

Headlights were not aimed correctly leaving a really deadly unlit area right in front of driver. Wipers only work on auto occasionly. Fuel economy varies greatly and no explanation as to why.

Transmission had to be reprogramed by Dealer at first service due to flat spots and incorect operation. Throttle had to be replaced at second return to Dealer for ongoing issues none of which have been solved including totall loss of control of vehicle.

We bought this vehicle after owning an earlier T30 Xtrail what a dissapointment!! This vehicle has no reliabilty nor any good points it is a real lemon and am sure there are more like it out there. Nissan take notice fix this vehicle or scrap it vehicle has been returned to Dealer and no offer to buy back has been made now out of pocket a considerable amount of money and no vehicle to drive.

Buy an Isuzu and be safe and sure that you are getting a decent reliable vehicle