Nissan X-Trail 2015 st-l (fwd)
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2015 Nissan X-Trail ST-L (FWD) review

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We bought this car because my wife fell in love with it. We weren't looking for an X-Trail, but its look took us by surprise, and after one test drive she was hooked with its comfort to drive. As far as looks and comfort go, we can't fault it. The only issue with the aesthetics is the front left and right blind spots – they're the worst we've experienced to date.

On the outside, it has a good shape and lines. The only things I'd like to see improved are the wheels – they're dull. I'd like to see them a little more classy. Otherwise, it's a nice-looking car.

The boot is a good size for us and is serviceable. The ability to separate compartments is useful. We really enjoy this leather. Our past cars with leather interiors (one a Nissan) seemed to be of an inferior leather in comparison. In a slight downside, the storage space inside is a little lacking. In particular, the glovebox is too small, and you can't fit that much into it.

As far as the technology goes, we had a few difficulties. There were repeated issues with the phone auto-syncing for a while, but after multiple attempts it was fixed. The more frustrating issue has been the navigation system. Our dealer would tell us it was upgraded, yet we'd go on holiday and it would repeatedly drop out (and, no, it wasn't only if it was in a newly developed area). Unfortunately, we don't know if it's a problem with the system or our local dealer.

From the drive point of view, the only downside is the lack of power when attempting to overtake large slow vehicles out on the open road. Otherwise, no problem at all. The transmission is fantastic – smooth and quiet.

A big con for us, and something we'd love to see improved, is the spare tyre size. We live in regional Australia, so when we travel we are instantly in remote areas for many hours. We'd love it to return to a full-size tyre. We know this isn't just a Nissan issue, many do it now, but it's a genuine disappointment.

Otherwise, the car has been extremely reliable, practical for us, and we're still happy with it. Overall, we've enjoyed the car and still do. We'll definitely be looking at the new X-Trail when we're ready to upgrade.

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