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2015 Nissan X-Trail ST (4x4) Review

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The Nissan Xtrail ST is a comfortable reasonable vehicle to drive but please be aware that when servicing your car from dealerships, things like wheel rotation and a proper brake checks are additional costs the customer has to bear. One would expect this to come as a part of a 20,000 km service, considering that the vehicle is not even a year old! I've mentioned this first and foremost because I've only just dropped of my vehicle for the service this morning! As owners of these vehicles we need to let others know of our experiences to hopefully make dealerships realise and act decently!

Cabin space is very good. The rear passengers have a good front view and have commented favourably on the comfort level.

Love the inventive luggage compartments....very practical! Great on long trips for comfort and economy. Older folk who have issues getting into and out of sedans find this vehicle a lot easier to access because they are able to place their bottoms on the seat and then move their legs into the car.

I had minor issues with the drivers door needing adjustments as it wasn't shutting easily for the remote control to work as expected.

This is also infrequently happening with the rear door which will hopefully be attended to today!

The storage compartment on the front passenger side could do with more space, considering the large dash and height available.

The slide tracks for the front seats do not work smoothly. They tend to be quite sticky! I have been a Mazda and Honda owner previously but I like my new Nissan Xtrail!