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2015 Nissan Navara ST-X Review

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When I first sat in the np300 st-x my first impression was " Wow what a improvement " it's a car, no sorry 4WD that I can drive all day and not take my wife's car on the weekends!
Yes the turbo Diesel engine can be noisey when loaded but it still has plenty of power at quarter throttle.

Now the real test is towing, it appears no one as yet has done a review,it has claimed 3500kg but let's face it if towed at the maximum rated and salesman sales you $3000 worth of accessories with the allowable payload left you might be able to take four passengers full tank of fuel and Maybe couple bags.

I hooked up a 2015 22 ft New age caravan ATM 2680 with the caravan hitched up the towball height dropped 85mm from the original highet making the caravan not sit level and too low. Nissan do not recommend weight distribution hitches, so maybe after market heavy duty spring, then this will take away the car like ride and handling, maybe air bags? My point is the caravan was no where near the maximum towable rate and the Rear end sages!

I headed out on the open road I was impressed with how the engine and transmission performed, unfortunately the suspension could not handle the load, sometimes the steering would go light when going over bumps while the rear end was absorbing the bumps.

I believe with a set of heavy duty spring this will be a comfortable tow rig.