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2015 Nissan Navara ST-X (4x4) Review

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Overall panel fit and finish is very good with excellent shut line gaps.

The metallic white paintwork is up to spec with no orange peel or dull spots like the previous model.

Interior fit and finish is also very good, the leather seats with heaters are well designed.

Gear selector and console seem solid, as are steering wheel and general switch gear.

There's plenty of storage in the cabin.

Interior lighting is excellent in the ST-X.

2.3L twin turbo Renault engine is a better than expected performer (much quicker off the mark than the previous 2.5L single turbo engine), providing you can put up with the cooling fan roar on hot days. Nissan advised that the fan is designed to work harder in hot ambient conditions hence the roar at lower RPM levels.

The all new auto is right up with all other current autos and I would highly recommend specifying auto over manual....smooth, easy, seamless shifts and very well mated to the new diesel engine.

LED headlamps are excellent for a ute, although high beam could be improved. Backup driving lights would still be needed for safer driving in the bush.

The overall ride quality is the best I have ever encountered in a 4WD ute, the 'unique' coil sprung rear end is a huge leap forward and takes this vehicle close to car-like comfort with the rear end bounce over speed humps, dips and the like almost eliminated.

Sound system has ok reception on the AM band, excellent on FM, the GPS is acceptable and very easy to use.

The power sunroof and opening rear window is easy to operate and great for instantly relieving the cabin of hot air while parked.

The climate controlled air conditioning system is a set and forget affair and is very efficient.

One glaring and annoying omission is the lack of an outside temperature gauge, Nissan admit this is an oversight for Aust spec vehicles.

If the standard fuel consumption readout is to be believed, I can not get better than 10.5L/100KLM per tank.......not that brilliant, but Nissan insist this will improve with kilometes.

I have done only 7500km to date.