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2015 Nissan Navara ST-X (4x4) Review

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My Navara NP300 has now traveled 29,000 km. The engine has been getting better and better the more kilometres travelled.

I now also only use premium diesel (no truck diesel, engine rattles) Engine a lot quiet now with a lot more power in mid range. The overall fuel economy is averaging 8.4 (car gauge) but the actual figure is 9.1, still very good for mostly city travel. The car can easily achieve low 7's when driving on country roads and freeways.

I find entering and exiting the cabin easier than some of the other ute brands I tested. My wife insisted that it can't be too high, she didn't like the Toyota or Rangers because of their size. The driving position is good with excellent support from the leather seats, so long distance travelling has been pretty comfortable.

The ute has been off-road a couple of times and copped well. The body is still tight, with no rattles.

I have only had two warranty issues so far, one major issue was Nissan had to replaced a very noisey engine clutch fan. Now, thank goodness no engine roar, the other problem was a vibration when the ute got up to a speed of around 105 kph on freeways, this was also promptly fixed by the dealer. The car will be due for another service soon, but no issues to report.

With a long list of standard features, a comfortable and quiet cabin, a great auto transmission, I very much enjoy driving my Navara daily.